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Why choose Glurbs?!

Unique way of learning languages

Glurbs puts the players in charge by giving them control over the lessons and games.

Exciting rewards keep players motivated to continue learning

By completing lessons, players will unlock further gameplay, including new planets and mini games.

Fun, interactive and effective lessons

Our lessons have been carefully designed and created by language specialists to be fun and interactive while also improving the players linguistic ability.



Glurbs is a game for language learners that blends together a fun, animated and interactive game with foreign language lessons. The language learning and game play take place simultaneously and each is dependent on the other.

Each planet is based around a specific unit or language topic; for example the circus planet is based on basic vocabulary. These “units” are spread over 6-8 lessons which are each represented by a checkpoint on the planet.

When a player clicks on the checkpoint, the lesson will appear on the screen. After the player has finished the lesson, they will then have to complete a fun learning challenge based on the content they have just learnt. The challenges are a mixture of reading, listening and spelling questions. In order to ensure that the player has understood the content from the lesson, there is a pass mark of 60 points. If the player passes the challenge, a new mini-game will be added to their planet which they can play.

They will unlock the next checkpoint and lesson of the planet and the process will be repeated until the player has completed all of the lessons provided in the planet.

Unfortunately, you are unable to change the language course after you have created your account. If you want to learn a new language after you have started playing Glurbs on an account, simply create a new account and select the language course that you would like to study!

Yes, you are able to create multiple accounts using the same email. You can do this if you want to change your language, set up an account for a family member or just want to start again.

Unfortunately, once the account has been confirmed as deleted, there is no way of recovering the account.

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